Never settle for less security.availability.accessibility.liquidity.connectivity.independence.

Ledger Vault is the most efficient platform to scale your Digital Asset Business, without compromising on security.

Trusted by the world's most progressive digital asset firms

Never settle for less
Never settle for less
Never settle for less
Never settle for less
Never settle for less

Control, Scalability, Agility - because security is not enough.

Ledger Vault was specifically engineered with the needs of enterprise and institutional clients in mind. We help you grow your business by bringing:

Peace of mind

Leverage the end-to-end security of the Vault and Ledger managed operations to de-risk your business


Customize your approval workflows to your governance policies and integrate them in your operations through APIs


Audit your users’ activity and your policies on the Vault platform and ensure you meet your compliance targets


Rely on the administration tools to easily manage a large number of users, wallets and transactions

Scale your digital asset business, thanks to :

Unparalleled security

We trust humans to define the rules and secure hardware to enforce them. All private keys are isolated, stored and encrypted within a Hardware Security Module, and are never directly handled by day-to-day operators. Key usage for signature is strictly controlled by the custom governance rules.

Better Flexibility

Your keys, your rules, your workflows, your business. Add new users, onboard new clients and counterparties, all in a matter of minutes. Add a whitelisted address, enhance an approval workflow for a given wallet. Revoke and edit permissions in the event of employee departure without creating a new wallet.


With the Vault, you can approve the governance and broadcast multiple transactions within minutes. All operations are made within a secured environment, without any point of failure.

More independence

Ledger never holds your keys or manages any of your points of control. A backup recovery mechanism ensures you can independently recover your funds at any time without needing to use the platform.


Ledger has obtained a pooled customized crime insurance program insuring crypto-assets for up to $150 million for the Vault Platform led by the prestigious Arch UK Lloyds of London syndicate.

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Your success is all that matters

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