For Compliance Officers

Combine audit trail, accountability & security

Ledger Vault is the only digital asset platform enabling you to enhance the availability and flexibility of your business operations, without compromising your security.


Ledger Vault lets you stay compliant while remaining in control of your operational rules

Ledger Vault was specifically engineered with the needs of enterprise and institutional clients in mind.
We help you grow your business by bringing:


Maintain full visibility and audibility over your user’s activity on the Vault platform and ensure you meet your compliance requirements.


Peace of mind

Leverage the end-to-end security of the Vault to remove single points of failure throughout your organization.

Peace of mind


Customize your approval workflows to meet your governance policies and integrate them into your operations via APIs.


The world's leading Compliance Officers use Vault
to ensure the auditability of your business

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End-to-End Security By Design

Trusted input on Personal Security Devices

  • Required to perform critical operation on the Vault platform
  • Enables to generate private keys and secrets using the built-in TRNG
  • Offers a Trusted User Interface through the EAL 5 secure element

Secure Execution on Hardware Security Module

  • Stores private keys of the digital assets wallets
  • Protects and executes the governance rules of critical operations
  • Using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM

Mutually Authenticated secure channels

As Ledger is fully in control of the secure components supply-chain, the security devices and Hardware Security Modules are loaded with specific attestations enabling them to mutually authenticate and validate the other party code genuineness

The solution you need to quickly evolve your risk controls

Ledger Vault was specifically engineered with the needs of Compliance Officers in mind.

Conditional flows

Conditional flows enable institutions to define triggers for their rules based on value thresholds or presence of the beneficiary in the whitelist.

Group approvals

The approval groups allow for the creation of complex multi-authorization schemes.

Multi authorization

The multi-authorization scheme distributes the signing responsibility among multiple operators within the institution.

Sequential approval

Administrators can decide the order of request multi-authorization approvals

Here's why leading digital asset businesses choose Ledger Vault

Eric Anziani

We are thrilled to work with Ledger and their institutional grade digital asset custody solution - Ledger Vault. Ledger Vault allows us to operate our business at scale while maintaining the highest standards of security to protect our client funds.

Eric Anziani

Chief Operating Officer of

Eric Anziani

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